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Once again DRL query

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I've got a 2013 model - US version.

I like to drive with the lights in the AUTO setting. In that setting during the day-time and parked gear, the only light that comes on is the front high-beam lights at low intensity - no other lights anywhere front or back. I haven't tested with the car in drive gear etc.

Is that normal?

I've read a lot of forum threads and youtube videos and am not sure what the expected lights should be.

Curiously, in the light stalk there's an option for side lights, parked etc - when do those come on when in AUTO setting - that seems like it'll be useful during the daytime also.
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The "parking"/"side" lights that you mention do not ever turn on in AUTO mode. In Auto, the car will alternate only between DRL and Low-Beam. If your high-beams come on at low intensity during the daytime, they are the DRL.

I manually turn on my "parking/side lights" during sunset when I want my tail-lights ON but don't want my headlights ON
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