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2010 2.5L. A Dealer charged me $106 to tell me my AC compressor is seized and they wanted $1200 to fix it. Not a chance that was going to happen for that figure. A local mechanic shop would do labor for me as $180 to install the compressor, $150 to install the drier bag and $65 to vac & charge the system. The best deal on a pump is a AutoZone OE Denso & drier bag $449 delivered. Totaling $844. To cut $150 off the repair, this is the modification. with the mod, I should be about $700 total for the job instead of the w/ tax $1300 that Toyota wanted.
The drier bag "should" be a max 10 minute job to change out but Toyota has you removing the radiator and condenser to get at the drier tube plug. That's where the $150 labor comes in. Now I'm a practical minded guy that's more about function than "looks" so some would not want to do this permanent mod to save those bucks any time the AC lines need to be opened up And that's fine but I don't think this is a big deal to put in for the basic handy man to do.
The end result is this access hole to the drier plug. I over did the cut on the metal support a bit & probable should have used a small grind wheel just to take the leading edge back by about 3/8ths. Once the metal edge is out of the way, I used the 2 " hole saw with no center drill set against the cut metal support to make a clean cut out of the plastic that is directly under the plug. just go very light and check your cut often or else if you go heavy handed, you will cut into the condenser like I did with the white scrape you see in the aluminum here.

Here you can see the hole bottom right

Tools I used, 3" hole saw, 2" hole saw with no center drill and air grinder.

I have some wide 3" pipe wrap tape that will go over the hole to keep crap from going into the hole and that's done.
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