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The 2000-2003 do have ECM problems due to soldering defects and some capacitors failing. There are many online businesses that can rebuild the ECM for around $200. The ECM is under the glove box and is not that hard to remove and reinstall. They are reliable aside from the ECM problem. I have owned a 2005 and love that car. It has a bigger 2.4 litre engine and was very reliable. Did not have any major work done except a few holes in the exhaust system which cost $200 to repair. One of most reliable car I owned with the fewest repair. I got it cheap and got back a good price when I traded it in. I have sold that for a bigger suv with a V6. My ride now is a 2009 RAV Sport which I have owned for 5 years now.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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