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Hello I'm new to this group, i'm sure I will get some help :)
Tried searching for similar cases like mine, could find much.

I have a 2007 rav4 V6, 3.5L sport with 215K . I started having some issues with codes P0106 and P0606.
I cleaned the mass air flow sensor, and did not get any trouble for a few weeks. Lately, a series of new codes have come up.
now i'm getting the following codes :p0354, P0203, P0103 and P0403. When this happened, the engine hesitated a lot and was difficult to accelerate (very similar to a P0606)
Error codes now have the MAF.

Can all these codes be related to the first ones (barometric pressure high) and cause engine misfire ? and coil failure ?
Is there a MAP sensor on the mass air flow?
LAst year i change one coil (cylinder 6) , is it possible they all are starting to fail now ?

Please help.
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