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Sorry if it seems I'm oblivious with cars, just starting out with my first project car (got it for free, a friend said I could have his 2002 Rav4 if I could manage to get it to drive. A new battery, some spark plugs, and some legal stuff later I've got my first project car, figured being stuck at home unable to really do any socializing with people that it would be a great chance to get into a hobby I've wanted to get into since I was 5)

I used a scan tool a friend of mine let me borrow to get some insight as to what is wrong with my "new" Rav4, and the P1656 code is what I got.

I've got 3 questions:
1. What parts do I need to buy, and where are the parts I'm replacing located?
2. If I need more than just a 10mm wrench to do the job, what other tools do I need for the job?
3. if the part I replaced doesn't fix it, what else could the problem be?
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