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Paint Chip Repair

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I am the proud new owner of a 2004 RAV4 AWD in Pearl White. I would like to find a paint repair product to repair a few very small paint chips. These are tiny paint chips that have come from bugs or other debris sticking to the car and taking the paint off from when they were cleaned/removed.

What I would like to find out if any other RAV4Worlders have repaired chips on their car. What method was used? How effective was the method? What product(s) did you utilize to perform this method?

Please note that my car is 064 metallic pearl white.:smile
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RAV4 2015 windshield is a bug magnet.

While washing the windshield with window cleaner I noticed a chip on the hood and cleaned it with the window cleaner and a paper towel. My intent was to put a little touch up paint bought online. The clear coat was scratched by the paper towel and a paint defect (looked like dirt in the paint when spraying at factory) made another small hole in the paint. After hours of polishing the spot by hand with mild polishing compound, touching up the chips with paint and applying wax to protect, I bought a Auto Ventshade 20055 Carflector which took 30 minutes to install. It fit my 2015 Rav4 LE perfectly and best of all it works. Also bought Microfiber cloths for cleaning.
I love my RAV4.


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