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Parting out 96 Rav4 4wd

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I am parting out a 96 rav4 4wd . most of the parts are already gone but I still have. steering column and wheel less air bag. all the window glass. front seats blue in good condition. rear seat. rear bumper, tail lights,instrument cluster, cruise switch, k frame, 5 speed shifter. struts, shocks, calipers, engine (head is off of it, no measurable wear on cylinders would just need rings gaskets and valve job) , power steering pump, rack and pinion, fuel injectors, fuel tank and pump, water pump(nearly new) 5speed transmission parts. ( 5th gear syncro and gear in good condition)

I no longer have any of the front sheetmetal, roof rack wheels, tires, air bags, throttle body, ignition module, rear door or charcoal canister
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Items for sale go here:
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