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Here's a question that I thought up due to the other thread discussing the spare tire which mentions rotation but I thought I'd break this question out:

What is the proper pattern to rotate the tires? Even though I think it's best to rotate the spare in (until it gets near its end of treadlife, then it can sit around and be a full-time spare) but for the purpose of this question, let's ignore the spare just for simplicity.

I have two Toyotas and their user manuals specify different rotation patterns:

One says: Swap the left front and left rear, and also swap the right front and right rear. In effect once a tire is on the left or right, it stays there forever. (In this pattern, you could rotate the spare into the right-side swapping, but then the treadwear on the right side is not equal to the left side)

Other says to swap them in a "X" pattern: Right Rear to Left Front; Left Front to Left Rear; Left Rear to Right Front, Right front to Right Rear. (In this pattern you can easily add the spare into the pattern and the treadware will remain consistant on all tires)

Actually every car I've ever owned has said to do the "X" pattern until the '06 RAV.

Is there something about the car or tire that makes the manuals give different instructions? Any idea why I would not want to do the "X' pattern on the new RAV?


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Look on the sidewall of the tires. If they contain a directional arrow indicating which direction the tire should rotate, they they should simply be swapped front to back, back to front, keepig them on the same side.

If they do not, they it can be safely assumed that an X pattern can be used.

However, in regards to the X pattern...typical rotational patterns that I have seen are always like this:

Left front to left rear
Right front to right rear
Left rear to right front
Right rear to left front
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