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Hello fellow forum members,

I just inherited a leased 2016 Rav4 LE AWD with 8500 miles, and am in the process of transferring ownership as we speak, and am going to pick it up over labor day weekend. Not intended, but this will be my second new vehicle in a years time as I just purchased a Nissan Versa 1 month after my mom purchased this RAV4 only a year ago. So I reckon I don't have to worry about dependable transportation for a while.

I will say tho that while this is an unfortunate time in mine and my wife's lives, reading info here about extended warranties has enlightened me, as I got taken for a ride with my Nissan purchase with the extended warranty I purchased at time of sale (first brand new car ever, and I thought I had it all figured out). so atleast I have learned a valuable lesson for future new car purchases, and for that I am grateful for the people of the RAV4 forums.

To all the people that read this
have a blessed day

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