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Like always, I share any interesting information I might come across regarding RAV4.1. I'm asking the experts about the RAV4.1 fuel pump. This is what they had to say, quit intere4sting


At 09:32 AM 2/3/2005 -0500, you wrote:

I'm turbo my 1997 Toyota RAV4. It has the 3SFE engine, 5 Speed gear box. Which Walbro Fuel Pump will work. Is the 255 Universal, or does the RAV4 have a specific model?


This is quit odd, but up till about a week or two ago, I would have told you there was no easy way of updating that kit. That is because the RAV4 uses a turbine pump, and the only volume Walbro turbine pumps use to deliver was 21 gph... not enough for your project. This year Walbro has introduced, or rather will be introducing a series of higher volume turbine pumps. I called our supplier, and Walbro, the word seems to be those updated turbine pumps should be available by spring. Get back to us then, we'll be glad to put together a pump kit that will deliver the appropriate amount of fuel.
We apologize that we were not able to fill your requirement at this time and hope that you will give us another opportunity to do so in the future! We hope that the information we pass on is useful in your search. You can get back in touch with us at or by calling us

321-722-0498 - Voice
321-768-2889 - Fax

Any remarks or opinion guys?
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