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PO741 VSC, 4WD, engine light BUT performance and shifting are no different

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My 2007 RAV4 is a 4 cylinder 4WD and has 228,000 miles on it, has lights lit on the dash: VSC, 4WD and check engine. The diagnostic code is PO741, However, the engine performance and shifting are no different. I am thinking that the code is due to somewhere in the wiring there is an error keeping the TCC from engaging.

I have parked it and I have been driving my second vehicle. But I am thinking about just driving it with the lights on the dash. Any ideas about how to proceed?

The vehicle and Toyota rebuilt the engine a few years ago at no cost to me due to oil leakage. It has rust and dents. But is has been reliable and cheap to operate.
Advance Auto Parts showed me a solenoid for $383, but it looks like lots of work to get at in and there are four solenoids so which one is the bad one? Too much work for me to take it apart, find the bad one and replace it. I have an independent mechanic I used to replace O2 sensor and some other stuff, but it seems like it could be hundreds of dollars. So far I have noticed anything negative. Should I just drive it till it quits and junk it?
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P0741 codes can be caused by

Low transmission fluid level
Dirty transmission fluid
Faulty torque converter clutch solenoid valve
Torque converter clutch solenoid valve harness or connectors
Torque converter clutch solenoid valve circuit is open or shorted
Transmission internal mechanical problem

Do you know the tranny service history? I would check the tranny oil level and condition first, and if it is low/dirty, change the oil and filter. It could be the dirty oil has clogged the solenoid filter BTW.

I would also do a visual inspection of the harness from the tranny to the ECU - look for damage or green crusties on the wires or connectors.

After this, you are probably looking at internal work
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