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Poor Man's PCV Catch Can

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After reading about an individual who installed a gas fuel filter inline between the PCV valve and intake manifold (ie. a catch can), I decided to try this out. I bought a translucent gas fuel filter with both ports facing in the same direction and installed it inline between the PCV valve and the intake manifold, using some extra 11/32 inch ID hose I had hanging around. I was surprised at the amount of oil it trapped (2-3 ounces per 1000 miles), preventing it from gumming up my intake manifold. Installed with spring clamps, when it gets around 3-4 ounces of oil in it (just before hitting the filter inside), I just remove the fuel filter without messing with the clamps, and dump out the oil and reinstall it, making sure I empty it out through the port that bypasses the filter. Make sure that you observe the correct flow orientation as marked on the fuel filter, from PCV valve into fuel filter and out to intake manifold. Keeping the intake manifold clean will insure good air flow and better performance.
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When I get the chance, I will post pics.
Here it is.
The arrow going into the catch can(fuel filter) is from the PCV valve,
The arrow going out of the catch can goes to the intake manifold.
Notice the little hanger I made from a chain link fence tie = soft alum.
I am still looking for a lager fuel filter with ports on top.

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