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Sorry, the title of this post should be "blown exhaust manifold gasket".

Hello everyone,
this is my first post so go easy on me here.
I have a pretty advanced understanding of cars, but i certainly DO NOT know everything.
I have a 1997 with a 3sfe that has 120,000 miles on it. Ive been building into a car i can rally on weekends and drive everyday.
It has a few mods whicha are worth mentioning for the sake of possible varibles to this story:

It has a tuned intake. I pulled the muffler off and rigged up a bracket for the extra few HP. It it has 16x8 fronts and 16x9 rears off of the NA final gen Supra. I run 20w50 usually (i switched to 10w30 for the winter) so i can rev the piss out of the poor thing with less damage.

Anyway, i go to college in North Carolina and we got 1 inch of snow yesterday. All the southerners freaked out and got off the roads. Growing up in PA, i decided to go do doughnuts. We were out there whipping this thing for a grand total of around 4 hours. 2.5 of those were all at once. The engine stayed at an average of about 4k that whole time.

Our fun came to an end when my car suddenly sounded like a diesl. No joke this thing sounds like a cummins v8 without the spool. Additionally, the exhaust noise started comming from the engine bay. I've had a very small "tick tick tick tick" for some time which i think is a valve (possibly due to oil deposits), actually since i got the car. Because of this, i was worried i was going to need some valve work. However, according to multiple friends, its an exhaust manifold leak because the engine doesnt sputter when i let off the gas at higher revs. The reason i mentioned the exhaust earlier is because once i pulled it, accelerating in my car was sometimes, not always, coupled with a noise that sounded like a turbo mixed with a honda civic fart can. For comparison, the 3sfe has a low bellow, not a ricey sound, which perplexed me.

So my questions are:
whats wrong with my car?
How can i be sure?
Can i do it myself? (i have a faily extensive set of tools)
Can i drive it currently?
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