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Power seat slider worn out on one side on 2019 RAV4

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One side of the power slide of the driver power seat on my 2019 RAV4 does't work anymore (or at least it struggles), looks like the part inside the rail that transfers the rotation of the motor shaft to the threaded rod is worn. Toyota wants $2200 to replace the whole seat assemble, seems a bit much :eek:. So I took the seat out of the rav and found the probable culprit, but I'm afraid that small part isn't available separately, or is it?

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You are going to have to go to an OEM parts website and scroll through and see what you can find. I use I tried looking and there is a ton of parts that make up that seat. Pretty sure from what I'm seeing that you can buy the item cheaper than what the dealer is wanting to charge for a new seat. You may have to buy the whole base however. Sometimes I will go to multiple websites trying to find parts. I know the dealer that I frequent for parts even has more detailed images than I have seen online. You may want to go to the parts counter and see if they can help you track down exactly what you're needing. And then at least have the part number.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts