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Power seat slider worn out on one side on 2019 RAV4

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One side of the power slide of the driver power seat on my 2019 RAV4 does't work anymore (or at least it struggles), looks like the part inside the rail that transfers the rotation of the motor shaft to the threaded rod is worn. Toyota wants $2200 to replace the whole seat assemble, seems a bit much :eek:. So I took the seat out of the rav and found the probable culprit, but I'm afraid that small part isn't available separately, or is it?

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I did see these on ebay
That indeed looks like the bare minimum part I could replace, the little part inside that I suspect being worn out is impossible to replace. Thanks!
@Turtlepowa - so I did get those tracks from eBay you linked to, guess what; those had the same issue. So back to square one. Tried to find another source for those tracks, but no luck. Guess I just need to order part 71620-0R170, looks like has it for a bit cheaper than getting it from Toyota directly, so I'll probably do that.
Haven't ordered the new part yet, but I saw that part comes in various 'flavors', one of them is "with memory" (currently I don't have the memory function). Just checking, but I assume that putting in a seat assembly that support the memory function, and adding the door buttons to control, won't automagically give me an actual working seats memory function, right? Would be nice if it did, as the price for that part is the same with/without memory function.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts