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Purchased the 2005 Toyota RAV4 Premium LED Interior Package . . . literally none of the lights fit. My guess is they belong on a 4.3 or later model. Thought I'd share because I think it's a bigger problem than a shipping mistake: after attempting the install today, I realized not only were the lights the incorrect size, but the number of lights and their intended application were wrong as well.

Precision LED: Here's your glove box light.
RAV4: I don't have a glove box light . . .
PLED: Ok, here are two map lights.
RAV4: I only have one . . .
PLED: You don't need personal, or vanity lighting.
RAV4: I have two of those . . .

And so on and so forth. Nothing fit. Not the reverse lights, not the trunk light, neither did the cabin dome light. So as a word of caution, if you were interested in upgrading your interior cabin lighting to the 21st Century . . . hold out on Precision LED until they figure this out.
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