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I'm not sure which Fuel Injectors I have on my RAV4. But I have a set of Supra Injectors. Checking which one I should use, the OEM once that I have will work, but they will be tax a lot. The Supra once have 310cc. Can anyone help me pick the correct once? The rest of the information regarding the turbo is below.

Brand new T3/T4 T04E .57AR turbo charger. Max up to 350HP.
Inlet: 3.0 Inch.
Outlet: 2.0 Inch.
Turbine Flange: T3 Flange.
Downpipe Flange: 2.5'' 5 Bolts Flange.
Type of Bearing: Journal Bearings.
Cooling Type: Oil Cooled Only.
Exhaust Trim: .57AR.
Turbine Wheel Diameter: 54.06MM/65.20MM.
Compressor Trim: .50AR.
Compressor Wheel Diameter: 50.16MM/76.84MM.

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Unless you can find another RAV4 running your exact engine specs AND get their ECU tuning info, injector size will have to be determined during the ECU tuning phase. It will also depend on the AFR tuning range available from the tuning device.

Example (and this is a crazy one!): Last month a shop owner brought me his customer's Honda Grom, a 125cc fuel injected minibike, that someone had spent a whole lot of play money on installing a turbo kit. He was figuring on raising its massive 10 HP to 15 with 7-8 psi of boost. Guess he was planning on blowing away other minibikes! :wall

Anyway, as part of the kit a bigger injector was installed because, "You're gonna need more fuel." The tuner was a Power Commander V, of which I've tuned hundreds on Harleys. The issue was with the big injector the bike was sooo rich it would barely even idle and would not take any throttle. It just stumbled and died and could not be ridden at all. I had to take 30-40% fuel away until the boost came on and it was nowhere near smooth. Finally at 7,000-9,000 RPM with the bike making 4 more horsepower, I added 6% more fuel. Then the turbo died w/o ever opening its waste gate.

The shop owner paid me for the hours I'd spent fighting it and took the bike away saying the turbo was warrantied and he'd be back with a new one. I told him to put the stock injector back in because then the bike would idle and run normally until the boost came on whereupon I'd add the additional fuel, probably around 40%, which is well within the Power Commander's tuning range. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll never see the bike again! :cheers:
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