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I've installed these two door sill addons which both have lights:
This is the Inner door sill plate:
This is the Outer door sill protector:

I installed exterior puddle LED lights in parallel with the LEDs of the Outer door sill LEDs using the instructions for interior light kit:

I wanted a way to manually disable the outer door sill LEDs as well as the exterior puddle lights. ( they are wired in parallel, they're either both on or both off )
So I purchased this generic LED Push Button switch (with backlight):

I disconnected the Outer door sill protector ( + ) wire from pin 49 on 56 pin connector, and replaced it with the push button red wire Pin1.
Then I took the disconnected wire from Outer door sill protector and connected it to the push button wire right next to the red wire Pin2.
For the backlight dimmer to work with the push button switch, I connected pin3 on push button switch to wire pin2 on the LDA switch,
and pin4 on push button switch I connect to wire pin3 on the LDA switch.

Here's pics of the door sill.
Push button Off, door open:

Push button On, door closed:

Push button On, door opened:

And here's the push button.
Dimmer on Low:

Dimmer on High:
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