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QL-RAV977 software mods

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Here is new topic dedicated to software mods for QL_RAV977 ( roadrover)

will discuss here:
navigation software
internet connection
and etc.

Already done:
adding TMC receiver by strados (post #44)
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I was able to get internet explorer running on this unit QL-RAV977.
Want to get google maps running to get traffic updates + email.

I want to do some software mods:
1. change desktop to iphonetoday
2. get traffic from google maps
3. more apps

should I create new topic, or continue here?

How to get internet on QL-RAV977 using wifi point ( home or sprint phone with wifirouter installed)
1. I got this wifi
put drivers cab on SD card
2. get CECMD.EXE - filemanager , put on SD card.
3. on unit - menu -> files , click SD and "Other" , click on cecmd you will get filemanager, navigate to \windows, run explorer, you will get familiar windows interface
4. back to cecmd, navigate to storage card run drivers cab from wifi adapter. after that connect wifi adapter to any of 2 usb jacks, it will ask for wireless networks. check that you get connected - blue icon of network on taskbar
5. start->programs-> internet explorer

1. after power off, when I connect wifi adapter - popup ask for driver name . have to reinstall again , to get rid of it
2. google maps is not working
3. tried to run opera mini/skyfire no luck

will continue to search for a way to run flash .

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How to get iphonetoday:
1. download from
2. unzip on SD card
3. run CECMD ( I recommend to copy CECMD to unit - so you always will have it in "OTHER")
4. run iphonetoday.exe


Later I will try to replace manager.exe ( software that running all HU) with IPT, but first I have to update all icons/links for IPT to point to right programs.
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IPT ( iphonetoday) - is the just new interface/theme with much easier way to add new programs icons. in current interface ( manager.exe) almost no way to add new icon for new program, let say you want to have calculator ( for example) or new game.
in IPT it will take few seconds to add, in manager.exe - you have to get code and recompile. I couldn't find any config files that manager.exe is using.

functionality - will be much harder to do changes , b/c we don't know hardware, but windows CE 6.0 ( according to microsoft ) look very promising. so 1st I want to get internet in the car. I have sprint phone with wifirouter, so it works like wifi spot, so I am trying to get internet on the go. after that : email/ weather.

one more thing that I will try to look into, how ipod.exe ( program that controls ipod interface) is working. I have ipod32gb and ipad64gb and both are not working.
Ipod interface on the back has regualr 3.5mm connector(for audio) and 6 pin connector ( to charge ipod) . If I can't find a software way to charge/play music from my ipod/ipads, will try at least to use 3.5mm connector as AUX input.
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this is one of my projects in the future - to disable RDS
couple ideas:
1. disable in software
2. strip RDS data from radio waves. build some kind filter that will block digital part of radio wave.
relaxapart said:
i will try to connect a 3g modem and see what it does. internet radio?!?!?!?!?!
check you 3g modem drivers: if you have drivers for windows CE 6.0 - should work
relaxapart said:
not good, only finds the mini sd. Had a look on internet but found nothing.
I am not a specialist and it is not a hot topic for me. would be nice if it worked.

I connected our samsung S3650 (corby) for charging (USB) and the system asked for a driver.!?
I guess, because your phone can work as modem for tethering, so it asking for driver.
relaxapart said:
Hi Gomelkiev,

I played a bit with those programs you gave above. very nice. i managed to open the HU screens with the explorer.
I am not a geek here, just commom health curiousity. understand nothing how it works inside the chips and conductors. i saw that the system crashes when you close the cecmd or IPT. ppower off on and all is ok!
The IPT would be a great PLUS here. I however will wait for someone to finish this mod.

I was looking on the internet for drivers for the 3g modem but end up sip. read something that you can make your on driver for CE but that is way over my head.
do you know where to get them? you seems to know way more then we do, i think. would be nice if i could connect it.

Thanks and good luck with this mod.
what is the model of of your 3g modem?
or do you try to connect your cellphone and use it?

Few options should be available to get internet on HU:
1. usb connection to cellphone ( need usb driver for the phone as modem)
2. bluetooth connection to cellphone ( need bluetooth driver ) - with this option I have a problem - bluetooth in HU only working for phone application. can't make it for data.
3. 3gmodem - need drivers for modem
4. usb wifi adapter - need drivers - this solution is working

Note: for everybody trying to install any additional drivers to \windows - pay attention, that after reboot ( power/off-power/on) all your DLL will be gone, but registry stays . this is done to protect HU from un-authorize installation.
(theoretical) - didn't do it yet, but probably will:
1. rename manager.exe to manager_old.exe
2. create windowsCE apps , call it manager.exe
new manager.exe will:
a. copy DLL to \windows from sdcard/usb or from \other
b. start manager_old.exe
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relaxapart said:
other question.... about the bluetooth interface.....
I have 3 cellphones paired but i noticed that only one can be active to receive and call. the last one paired will be automaticly active! if you want to change this you need to de-activate and activate the other.
ok.. i can understand that the system just can operate one call ( two calls the same times will be very confusing)
but is there a way that 2 or more cellphones can be active the same time, the cell who gets /makes the first call is boss of the HU.
My wife and I use the car and both get/make calls during use. iritating to discover during a drive that the phone not is active and you have activate it...

i hope my explanation is a bit clear.

i will keep on trying, thanks

search google for "bluetooth Multipoint " . I don't think any car units have implemented this technology. only few headset have this ( most jabra)

I kept OEM bluetooth ( installed by toyota dealer), so I have 2 bluetoothes:
1, oem - paired to my cellphone
2. ql-rav977 - paired to my wifes phone.
problem, when I am on call ,she can't talk. ( oem takes preference)
found russian forum with a lot of soft mods ( themes/menus) ,

no solution for RDS. does anybody knows what chip is roadrover using for decoding RDS?
strados said:
@ gomelkiev, post #5:
is manager.exe that software, which runs when starting up the unit and shows the first startscreen, menue, radio, bluetooth screen etc ? I thought, that software run directly on the MCU and not under control of WinCE, didn't it ?
I think this unit consists of 2 modules: DVD player - controled by hardware
and rest of software ( controled by WinCE - navi,bluetooth,radio ).
strados said:
@ gomelkiev:
in Post: #13 your wrote:
(theoretical) - didn't do it yet, but probably will:
1. rename manager.exe to manager_old.exe
2. create windowsCE apps , call it manager.exe
new manager.exe will:
a. copy DLL to \windows from sdcard/usb or from \other
b. start manager_old.exe

o.k. but the new manager.exe also has to be stored in \windows so that it can be startet automatically. When power off/on it has gone away and nothing happens, or not ?
I was able to store DLL for my USB wifi stick ( don't have 3g modem) in nand store\other\ and after off/on, popup dialog ask me for driver location, I specified \nand store\other\dllname.dll and now I don't need to enter it anymore. look like registry part where drivers location are specified - is kept between reboots.
broken SD card slot

my SD card slot broken ( spring )
I am using fish line to get SD card out.
Got new card slot from autodvdgps, replaced. worked for couple months.
Now - no matter what card I put in , it shows blank content. Put old cardslot in - same thing.
Asked autodvdgps to get new front panel.
They out of stock for ql-rav977.
Want to buy new front panel.
any ideas?
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How often do you insert and remove your sd card ? I think such cardslots are not made for permanent changing.
autodvdgps don't sell Roadrover units anymore. So I think the best would be to ask for spare parts direct at Roadrover.
On russian internet site ( you will find there are 3 factories. Auburn Hills, US, Shenzhen, CN, Johannesburg, SA
Google Übersetzer
Perhaps you can find out where they are.
thanks, I actually speaks russian.
Hey, thats great. I'm in contact with Roadrover Poland cause they also speak english. Roadrover released many firmware updates since last year. Newest is EN-PRIMA-ARM-SLC-V1.43. But no information of done bugfixes or increased function is available anywhere. I'm able to download the updates from some other forums but without change history. That's a big problem.
Would you please ask for this change histrory at ?
Existing Versions are: V1.23 -> V1.28 -> V1.29 -> V1.31 ->V1.34 -> V1.40 -> V1.42 -> V1.43

Many Thanks in advance
I found 2 different answers about 1.40: ( both in russian)
1. Âîïðîñ-Îòâåò: Âûøëà íîâàÿ ïðîøèâêà EN-PRIMA-ARM-SLC-V140 â êîòîðîé òåïåðü êîððåêòíî ðàáîòàåò RDS, òå ñîõðàíÿåòñÿ íàçâàíèå ñòàíöèè êîòîðîå ïðîïèñàíî â ðó÷íóþ Ãäå âçÿòü ýòî îáíîâëåíèå Ñïàñèáî it says RDS got fixed.
2. here - Ïîêàçàòü ñîîáùåíèå îòäåëüíî - 2DIN Ãîëîâíîå óñòðîéñòâà Roadrover , says RDS is not fixed.

never heard about 1.43. can you post link for 1.43?
I have 1.42
I can't even test it, sd card slot is not working. :(

will try next week to call and ask about versions.
I was able to fix my SD card slot.
Did upgrade to 1.42. RDS still has same problem.
I ran 1.34. don't see any big changes.( got extra menu in radio to change country, don't remember seeing this in old version)
I dump both roms (1.34 and 1.42). even radio.exe didn't changed , but radio.dll are changed b/w versions ( located in \windows)
How did you dump rom ? Can you post that special tool ?
NK.BIN toolset - - Hack X300T / X301T
Where did you find this V1.42 ? Looking into that update manual, I noticed a striking similarity to ebay photos of FeDom (seen 170653726272). We should contact FeDom about already releases firmware updates but previously missing change history ! I will do so und many of us should do also.
on russian forum 2DIN Ãîëîâíîå óñòðîéñòâà Roadrover -
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