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QL-RAV977 software mods

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Here is new topic dedicated to software mods for QL_RAV977 ( roadrover)

will discuss here:
navigation software
internet connection
and etc.

Already done:
adding TMC receiver by strados (post #44)
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@ gomelkiev, post #5:
is manager.exe that software, which runs when starting up the unit and shows the first startscreen, menue, radio, bluetooth screen etc ? I thought, that software run directly on the MCU and not under control of WinCE, didn't it ?
What gps software is usually used in US ? Here in Europe and special in Germany we use iGO8 and Navigon MN7 mostly. But MN7 has to adapted and is not official for WinCE. Actually I try to run Navigon Traffic Live on my RAV977 but without success since now. MN7 runs well.
@ gomelkiev: in post#13 you wrote:
(theoretical) - didn't do it yet, but probably will:
1. rename manager.exe to manager_old.exe
2. create windowsCE apps , call it manager.exe
new manager.exe will:
a. copy DLL to \windows from sdcard/usb or from \other
b. start manager_old.exe

Did you tried already? will it work ?
I must install a vcp driver (virtual com port) to connect the GNS TrafficBox FM9 via usb. This TMC receiver transfers tmc data via serial connection. A vcp driver for WinCE 6.0. and ARM cpu I found at:
Do you think it should work ?
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@ gomelkiev:
Hi, did you hack your WinCE to get full access to the desktop or did you only run CECMD off the sd card ?
In Europe the forum member petrutms, who is also a romanian dealer has developed a hack to unlock Windows desktop, see:
Hi, I'm just trying the same. I was looking for a TMC solution for some other units, I had in the past, since 2 month. But all of them had different problems. So I gave them all back to the dealers.
Last week I ordered a QL-RAV977 with 3G modem included and got it yesterday. The "Internet" button is placed directly on the main menue. You can see ist on the site of, select unit QL-CRV971.
The QL-xxxxx units are the only, that are providing 2 USB on the back, which are directly connected to the CPU ! That's it ! Today the support of GNS told me, their GPS / TMC receiver 5860 comes with drivers also for WinCE6.0
When I got this unit, I only have to installing the driver into WinCE and TMC will be available.
I don't know, if it is possible to enter a path into the registry ? WinCE in standard only looks at \Windows to load drivers during bootup. But if that works, you also can store drivers into the local memory folder "Static Store". There I found all included apps like Radio, DVDPlayer, Telephone, iPOD etc. with all dll, this apps need.
Did you order your unit already ? If so, from wich dealer ? I odered from QualiR ( They are very helpfull and friendly.
I ordered my unit including the offered 3G modem for wireless internet! It came ready to go. All Software and modem drivers are installed by the manufacture dirctly into windows and the start button is inserted to the main menue. Pluging in the 3G modem starts the connection via UMTS / HSDPA automatically. It's brilliant.

To add TMC to this unit I ordered a german GNS TrafficBox FM9 MD6 which has to be connected by a serial port. The MD6 version has a standard RS232 interface. Some days ago I opened the unit and found an unused COM-Port directly on the prozessor board ! So I strongly hope, the TrafficBox will function immediately when connected to this COM port and no additionally USB-adapters and software drivers are nessesary at all.
I will post this evening or tomorrow after test.
@ gomelkiev:
in Post: #13 your wrote:
(theoretical) - didn't do it yet, but probably will:
1. rename manager.exe to manager_old.exe
2. create windowsCE apps , call it manager.exe
new manager.exe will:
a. copy DLL to \windows from sdcard/usb or from \other
b. start manager_old.exe

o.k. but the new manager.exe also has to be stored in \windows so that it can be startet automatically. When power off/on it has gone away and nothing happens, or not ?
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Great ! That's it. You are perfect.
Did you store DLL and additionally .inf file for USB wifi stick in nand store\other\ or only the DLL ?

Did you store it by total commander or something else, or by a windowsCE app renamed to manager.exe ?
Additional question:
My unit shows one device named NAND Flash and another named Static Store. Where did you store the DLL ?
Second additional question.
You wrote " ... after off/on, popup dialog ask me for driver location ... "
I suppose the dialog didn't popup directly after power on, but after plug in the wifi stick ?

I tried something similar with a usb2ser adapter. But the popup dialog only asked me for the name of the driver.dll, not its location ?
Did you get the same dialog but typed in the complete path \nand store\other\dllname.dll ?
While watching product video on QualiR page I saw a cover pictures off the played mp3 files were displayed on the audio player screen. How must this be stored into the mp3 ?
I got the TMC running with external GNS TrafficBox !

Using a FTDI USB-Serial adapter model "USB-RS232-WE-1800-BT_5.0" (
soldering its cord direct to the pads at TrafficBox.
Before plug in the adapter you must modify the .inf file to force correct installing the driver !
If you forget, the driver will create registry keys for serial port com10 but iGO8 don't know any com pots higher than 9. If this happens, you have to modify the registry key after that by hand.

To mod the .inf file:
old content : HKR,,"InitialIndex",0x00010001,10 <-- this would create COM10
new content : HKR,,"InitialIndex",0x00010001,9 <-- this will create COM9

The ftdi_ser.dll and modified FTDIPORT.INF must copied to \StaticStore\Bin_CE and the inf file additional to \Windows.
Now plug in the usb adaptor and a window will pop up where you can type in the complete path of drivername "\StaticStore\Bin_CE\ftdi_ser.dll"
After plug out/in Windows will load and activate the adaptors driver and iGO8 can control the tmc receiver. You can watch the activity by a red and green LED inside the transparent usb plug.

That's it ! And I'm very happy to solve this.
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Hi enzo,
it's very simple.
The FTDI adaptor's cord contains 6 wires for GND, CTS#, Power, TXD, RXD, RTS#.
But we only need these 4 : GND black, 5V Power red, TXD orange, RXD yellow.
The GNS TrafficBox FM9 Universal (=RS232) is fitted with a cord with PS/2 plug. But we don't need this cord and solder it off complete. -> But notice the colors of the wires first, that's important, cause there are no sighs on the pcb.

I cut the cord of the FTDI adaptor for about 30cm length, original is 180cm, that's too long. Now the 4 wires black, red, orange and brown have to be soldered to the pads of the TrafficBox like you noticed the original wires before. : GND black, -> black, 5V Power red -> red, TXD orange -> orange, RXD yellow -> brown (that's the only different colored wire).

You can have a look at the FDTI datasheet, page 7 :

and GNS TrafficBox :

with pinout :
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I created this: TrafficBox -> (black cord=RS232) -> FTDI-Adaptor -> USB.

Look at the pictures you can see behind the links:
1) GNS TrafficBox: You can see the TMC-Receiver, it's a tiny little black box with one cord that has fitted a MD6 = PS/2 plug. This cord isn't needed, so I soldered it off (but notice the wire colors before).
2) FTDI datasheet: On page 1 you can see the adaptor, which is built in the USB plug with an open cord fitted. That cord is lenght of 180cm, I cut it to 30cm.
- After that I solder this 30cm cord with 4 wires black, red, orange, yellow to the 4 pads GND, 5V+ RXD, TXD of the TraffixBox.
Ready, that's all.

The Unit this topic depends on is a "Roadrover C7009TR". I purchased it from QualiR ( They sell it as their own label "QL-RAV977".

The special of the Roadrover units are: All apps you can select from menue (radio, mp3-player, dvd-player, bluetooth = mobilephone and also navigator are running direct on WinCE6.0 ! There is no additional second level prozessor with firmware necessary.
The unit contains 3 ! USB plugs. One at the front, two at the back. All 3 are direct connected to the mainboard and are controlled by Windows. When you plug in any device, i.e. USB stick or anything else, you can hear the well known "dingdong" as it sounds on any WinXP or Vista PC.

When you plug in your wifi dongle a window pops up immediately which is asking for the name of driver.dll. That will happen only the first time. Very important: You have to prepare two things previously. First modify the .inf file to force Windows to create a COM9 Port instead of default COM10. Second copy the .inf file and the .dll to "StaticStore\Bin_CE\" and once more to \Windows. That can be done by Total Commander. When typing in the .dll name you must type the comlete path "\StaticStore\Bin_CE\ftdi_ser.dll". This will create a key to the registry, which is independent of the folder \Windows cause the folder \Windows will be overwritten on every reboot = poweroff/on.

I ordered my unit with already fitted 3G modem cause I didn't know, that I could add it by myself. (now I know it). I'm running Navigon MN7 with TMCPro and will try update it to Traffic Live service. But this requires a permanent internet connection to get realtime traffic information.
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I also wondered why this could not be used. But the GNS support explained to me that all GNS TrafficBoxes which are fitted with a mUSB plug only looks like USB. They all have a serial interface with TTL level built in. That is because all PNA (Navigation) units are using their mini USB plug for power supply, for USB-Storage device function and additional for serial data transfer on TTL level. It's a tripple function combined in one plug. To connect a TrafficBox to the QL-RAV977 we need a regular USB data interface. Now there are 2 options:
1) Combining a GNS TrafficBox Universal (that has real RS232 interface) with FTDI adapter USB-RS232-WE-1800-BT_5.0.
2) Using a GNS TrafficBox 5860
Advantage of this unit: It has already built in Serial / USB Converter and so it is plug&play for the USB of QL-RAV977. Disadvantage is its price of 89,- Euro plus shipping.
I decided option 1) because of less cost. FTDI adaptor about 35.- Euro incl. tax and shipping from GB and GNS TRafficBox Universal about 15,- Euro off eBay.
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Like any other China made radio-navi unit the bluetooth also of QL-RAV977 by default only supports A2DP audio stream protocol but no SPP serial port protocol.
I know many users think this should be the easiest way to connect an external device like TMC receiver or anything else. Undortunately it is not. May be it would be possible to install an additional bluetooth manager to WinCE but I highly recommend not. Don't forget: Windows embedded CE is NOT Windows Mobile !!
I already tried 3 times to answer your PM but all messages stay in my outbox. Can't understand this ????
So will copy it here:
Hi enzo,
do you know, whether your car is equipped whith a JBL Audio system or not ?
As I know, there are differences between them.
If you don't know, I highly recommend to ask your Toyota Dealer first, how this unit can be plugged to the cars wiring.
Nevertheless I can send the original Toyota Wiring manual by email if you like. Then I need your email adress.
You're right.
Do you know, how to install die 5860 driver ? I just got it from GNS support but can't test by myself cause I don't have a 5860 unit. And notice, although the installation instruction is discribed in "VCP_WinCE60_ReleaseNotes.txt" and additionally in "CP210xVCP.reg", I would not be able to analyse faults, if some occur. In any case the param "index" in file "CP210xVCP.reg" must to be modified before installing the driver !
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