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QL-RAV977 software mods

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Here is new topic dedicated to software mods for QL_RAV977 ( roadrover)

will discuss here:
navigation software
internet connection
and etc.

Already done:
adding TMC receiver by strados (post #44)
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Just brought a RAV4 and a QL-RAV977. Will be installing on the weekend and looking to spend time hacking the unit to run a different shell full-time. Also looking to replace the iGo software with TomTom Navigator
Anyone tried as yet? Might give it a go tonight on my newly installed ql-rav977.
i believe the software boots from a read-only portion, meaning any changes you make whilst unit is operating will work, but once power down, it will then reset. That is why there is the Static Store, so you can store something on the unit.
Is there any solution to A2DP with iPhone and the newer versions of this package? Is it the OS specific, or is it the Road Rover software?
1 - 4 of 347 Posts
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