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QL-RAV977 software mods

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Here is new topic dedicated to software mods for QL_RAV977 ( roadrover)

will discuss here:
navigation software
internet connection
and etc.

Already done:
adding TMC receiver by strados (post #44)
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I would like to buy this QL-RAV977 unit if it was possible to have it running WIFI to connect to my phone that can work as a router.
Unfortunately, I can not find here in italy a usb WIFi dongle having CE drivers.
Anyone know of a supplyer that would deliver the dongle with Ce drivers in Italy?


I have found one. It seems to have the CE drivers.
At his point I only need to find a way to get TMC and I can go fot this unit.
Note: for everybody trying to install any additional drivers to \windows - pay attention, that after reboot ( power/off-power/on) all your DLL will be gone, but registry stays . this is done to protect HU from un-authorize installation.
(theoretical) - didn't do it yet, but probably will:
1. rename manager.exe to manager_old.exe
2. create windowsCE apps , call it manager.exe
new manager.exe will:
a. copy DLL to \windows from sdcard/usb or from \other
b. start manager_old.exe
I have not a unit yet so I can not make any test, but I wonder if to solve this problem, it would be possible to install the driver on the sd card.
Given that the registry stay, if it is possible to install the driver files in the sd card, the magic is done!
just my 2 cents.
Well, I do not know either, but in xp and up registry the folders can be set.
However, it seems that the problem is that the dll not standard are wiped off when HR.
This meaas that there is a procedure that restores the original files every time the unit is fully powerd off.
This procedure can not wipe off the sd card for sure, while it may clean up the folder you mentioned.
Unfortunately I can not install a virtual CE machine in my w7 ultimate PC. The installations simply won't finish. If I could I would check the registry and the possibility of telling the OS to installa the driver in a different from standard position.
It may work it may bot, but if some one can try, it culd be great.
No I havn't ordered it yet.
I am looking for a unit having TMC WIFI and steering wheel control resistive thrree wires, but nobody seems to produce it.
I got in contact with your supplier but they do not have waht I want.
That si why I am looking for a alternative for the wifi.
If I can find a real solution, I could buy one without wifi and set it up later.
I suspect your TMC will work because many producers are offering their unit with tmc "built in" but as option.
This may mean that the com port you found is active.
I will be interested in knowing how it goes, because this may be my solution too.
About wifi, as I though it is just a matter of software.
However can you tell me exactly which model did you buy?
Hi Strados,
congrats about your mod! Brilliant!!!
Could you public some pictures?
Could you specifiy to which pins you soldered which cables?
Could you explain better why you soldered the ps2 plug and where you plug it?
Las but not least, can you tell me exactly whcih model you bought from qualir?
So what you did is to create an adaptor PS2/Rs232>USB. Right?

If so this means that in your unit, you have a usb port with direct access to the motherboard.

I wonder if this is because you ordered your unit with the 3G modem.
I do not want the 3G modem but I would like to have the usb port so connected, in order to attach a wifi dongle-

Do you think it is possible to have it from your supplier?

If so, I would copy your mod, add a wifi dongle and I should be all set for waht I am looking for.

Thanks for your advise.
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Hi Strados,
I have ordered the ql-rav977!!! Thanks for your suggestions.
Now I am looking for the mod you suggeted.
Browsign GNS's site, I noticed this product I wonder if it could be used directly without purchasing the FTDI cable and do the soldering you expalined.
If not, cpuld you please confirm that what you bought from FDTI is this part number?
USB-RS232-WE-1800-BT_5.0. If not can you please tell me the part number you purchased?
Hi Strados,
I have ordered the ql-rav977!!! Thanks for your suggestions.
Now I am looking for the mod you suggested.
Browsign GNS's site, I noticed this product.
I wonder if it could be used directly without purchasing the FTDI cable and doing the soldering you explained.
If not, could you please confirm that what you bought from FDTI this part number?
If not, can you please tell me the part number you purchased?
Thanks again for your help.
I see your point in making the combinations of the two.
This however, could be really handy if the RAV977 would be able to connect via bluetooth.
Any opinion?
Thanks Strados,
your info are always very useful.
I think I will go for the GNS TrafficBox 5860.
I have one more quesion.
I want to test and make all the mod at home, instead of doing it with the unit already installed, but being the unit plug and play for the car, I have difficulties with powering it up.
I wonder if you could tell me which pins I need to connect to a external power supply.
The message stays in the outbox since when I read it.
Then, once red, it will move to send box.
You are much better with high tech software rather than with forum software I think ;-)
strados said:
You're right.
Do you know, how to install die 5860 driver ? I just got it from GNS support but can't test by myself cause I don't have a 5860 unit. And notice, although the installation instruction is discribed in "VCP_WinCE60_ReleaseNotes.txt" and additionally in "CP210xVCP.reg", I would not be able to analyse faults, if some occur. In any case the param "index" in file "CP210xVCP.reg" must to be modified before installing the driver !
No I just ordered the unit and in China they are on vacation.
I want to have the unit at home and then I will see what to do.
I finally got my QL-RAV977 (a bit deluded to be honest)
I installed the driver for the wifi dongle, and it works!
I created a folder in static store and placed the dll and inf there.
Then when the pop up came out asking the driver I typed the location, and everything went trough ok.
Thanks for your suggestions!!! Without you I could never make it up.
Now I have internet on my radio even if it is very very slow and this is not due to the phone connection. I tested it with my home wifi and the speed is the same.

I have then copied the following files in the root of my sd card:
Autorun.mscr (that I created)
set the navi button to run autorun.mscr and now what happens is that when I push NAVI, cecmd is launched, then iexplorer opens and the the navi program pops up. (cecmd is killed right after)
In this way you get the familiar task bar and the navi program over it.
I can not attach the files due to the forum limitations. If anyone wants the files, just write me an email.

About the TMC I have not yet decided how to go. However with Primo 9.2 I have not been able to get the traffic information from internet. I am sure that internet works because I can use google on iexplorer but Primo seems to not get the traffic info. I made a search with google from primo and, even if it takes forever, it came out with the info, and this proves it can connect to the internet. Any idea on why I do not get the traffic info?

I am deluded by the QL-RAV977 because of the steering weel commands.
Mt RAV has the phone commands on the right side of the steering wheel, and thy do not work at all. The only way to use the phone is to push the phone button and use the ugly interface.

I am still waiting for rear camera to arrive. I ordered one for toyota Highlander because I think it will fit perfectly to one of the licence light so making tehe installation very easy.
I will let you know as soon as it arrives.

For gomeliekv, how did you get the interface shown in the first picture of your first post?
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I have to apologize with strados.
He has been so nice to let me know many things with private email about how to get internet on my unit and I missed to mention him in my previous email.
Thanks strados!!!
Hy guys,
I have been away form this forum distracted with other issues.
Now I have a little spare time again and I rushed here to see what new.
I was hoping to sse some softwaare hack making us able to use Android on the QL-RAV977 but I do not see even small crumbles of that.
Anyone have news about?
ciao from italy
Thnaks for answering Gomlekiev.
Another wonder I have is if it possible to increase the amount of ram of our radio. Has anyone open it up or succeded in installing additional ram?
If you trust to dissolder complete the 2 memory chips with about 80 micropins from the pcb ?
I don't know anyone who did it.
Hi Strados, how are you?
Do you remember me?
I did not know how the ram was mounted on the pcb. I hoped it was like in PCs but it seems it is not. :(
The reason I want to increase the memory comes from the fact that the latest version of Pri mo makes our radio becomes very slow (2-3 seconds before gatting reaction to a virtual button push.
I wonder which version you are using, if you can use the google search and if you can have traffic infomation out of the internet connection without a dedicated receiver. To have this I must use a version without the capabilty of reading streets names and all the other sofisticated speach features.
Ciao from Italy
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