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There has been a lot of, sometimes heated, debate on this forum as to whether you can "custom order" a Toyota, or do you get on a list for an allocation. It sounds to me that you are on a list for a future allocation. When the dealer gets an allocation for a car that is close to what you want, he will contact you to see if you want that one. That is actually the fastest way to get something near what you want.
Mr. FKHeath's response is probably the closest answer to your question, as there are too many variables to what seems to be a simple question.

New car dealerships in US operate differently based on each state laws and regulations. For instance, CA dealerships as members of dealership association are prohibited from pre-selling vehicles that are not on the lot. Most CA dealers would place you on a wait list with a small deposit for vehicles that they are allocated, and contact you when a matched or near matched vehicle is scheduled to arrive.
Furthermore, based on individual dealership yearly sales volume, dealership may also have agreements with the manufacturer that would impact their allocation, special order vehicle quantity and pricing, promotion incentives, etc. For instance, high volume dealerships may get (1-2) free promotional vehicles to support sale promotions But dealerships often use those vehicles to award their "best" employees, LOL.
If you further consider different country laws and regulations on dealership operations, a simple question becomes ten people with ten different answers.
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