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I've seen all kinds of aftermarket dial kits for the first generation Ravs but not a thing for dressing up the Speedometer, Tach, etc. dials on the second generation. So I'm going to have a go at messing with them myself. I want to change the illumination from orange to blue, and from black-on-white letters to white-on-black, so I'll probably have to make up new dial 'labels' or whatever.

I've just ordered a used combination meter unit to work on, so I can dissassemble it and work at it without taking out or risking damage to my existing unit.

I was wondering though about the Odometer - sorry if this is a silly question but is the odometer setting 'saved' in the meter itself, or is it saved in the car's computer?

I know with the mechanical speedo/odometers it was a function of the meter itself but with this unit being entirely digital, I wasn't sure.

Assuming that it's recorded in the odometer itself, is there any way to set the new odometer so it shows the correct number?


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