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I finally found the hidden menu stuff, sadly only one worked for me and it's not that helpful.

1) With the car running (not sure if this works with the car off, or not, since I just tried with it running) and the lights off, push and hold the "Info" button while turning the lights on, then off, then on, then off, then on, then off. You should now be in the service menu.

2) This option works with the car on or off. I tried with the car on and with it in "aux" mode (2 "engine start" pushes without my foot on the brake). It also works while the car is in motion. Push the "Display" button, then touch the screen in the upper left, lower left, upper left, lower left, upper left, lower left. (Don't touch the very top left or the very bottom left. You need to avoid any buttons that are on the screen.) Welcome to the service menu.

I was able to get 1) to work. FYI: Neither will unlock GPS and allow you to turn on the camera from what I read but there is a FW update 1.11 floating around that will. Again, not sure this is of any help but I wanted to at least post it.
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