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2010 Toyota Rav 4
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Hope some have some insight for me. I have a Rav 4 LE FWD 2016 with only 6000 miles on it. I bought it new. Over the last 2 months, I get a howling, humming -- like an echo (sound that is very faint at 30 mph but gets louder at 40-50 and then 60 mph driving.) It stays the same pitch but increases in volume the more I accelerate.

Also now I get the same sound when I brake every time! I brake very gently and can hear the sound at the same pitch.

Car alignment seems fine as there is no pull to right or left. Rode up and down a very long street that curves right and then left and then right again. I can hear the howling when I am steering right.

Went to the dealer and he said he didn't hear anything. I asked him to put the car on a lift and check out the bearings but he said that he cant do that - because Toyota would deny any claim and not pay him if he had to work that hard to find the issue.

Asked to drive another Rav 4 and he did give me the same exact model with 12000 miles on it (that they were selling). Went with one of the valets and drove the car over 30 minutes down the same roads I usually go and did NOT hear any of a the howling braking or driving.

Dealer said he could do an engine test and did which was positive. Finally, he did say that he heard the sound a little. Dealer suggested if it is too bothersome, he could take me over to sales and get something else.

The noise will continue to get worse, I am sure. This is a J vin car, I specifically picked it out because the final assembly was in Japan. But the noise is progressing and driving me crazy. Any suggestions? Thanks
I have the same problem but it's usually between 35/45 mph. I read a different forum before this one. Seems like a lot of people have this unannounced question. I had mechanic check mine out today. It didn't make the noise while he was driving it. He did say it wasn't the where berrings, that you would hear it all the time. He said the only thing I could do, was keep driving it till it gets worse. I told him I just hated to drive it, for fear of making it worse. I rather it run nicely. It's a nice ride and I don't want to tear it up. I have wrote Toyota site and told them my issue. I also told them many people are having the same problem and different year Toyota Rav 4"s. I think they should recall these cars making sounds, and it sounds like it's Toyota, it's not just my car but hundreds having this problem. When mine gets to about 35/45 it makes this rubbleing vibration noise. The car only has 62,500 miles on it and has been regular serviced. I didn't pay out good money to have this car with this problem. I think everyone should write to Toyota Corporate and let them know you have the problem too. They should do a recall. I'm not going to quit posting and letting this problem be known with Toyota's, until someone does something about it. I even posted on Twitter. If you have had this problem and found out what it was, please comment. If you have this problem too, please post. Maybe Toyota would do it and do something if everyone with the problem, complained to them.
"Squeaky wheel" call me what you want, but I want a answer and the problem solved.
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