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Sometimes people use their RAV's for things Toyota hadn't intended. Here is the place to come clean.

For example, last year there was a story about how one person uses his as a stepping stool and how the roof caved in ...... again. Apparently this wasn't the first time.

With me its not quite the same.
Posting on here recently about reclining seats, reminded me of a time when my family(wife,2kids,me) all slept in our RAV over night while waiting for a ferry to cross from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia. We were so tired and didn't want to chance missing our ride that we all crashed in the RAV. Well the RAV wasn't on the ground. It was on a U-haul trailer attached to the back of the truck that was hauling it. The port worker had to climb up and wake us up when it was time to go and we scrambled to get out on-time. We over slept and by this time there was a huge line-up behind us who had a front-row seat to how we all look after 6 hours of sleep in a RAV 4. Embarassed, we made it and the rest of the trip went well.

Glad we'll never see those people again. :oops:
Later. M. :)
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