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Hey there everyone!

I am trying to fix a dual zone climate control problem. The following appears good:
  • Inlet actuator / door
  • Outlet actuator / door
  • Passenger air mix actuator/ door
  • Driver air mix actuator
  • Blow motor
  • Cabin air filter
  • On the passenger side, cold set temp feels cool and a hot set temp feels hot
  • On the driver side, any set temp feels hot
  • Less airflow with hot set temp in both zones
  • Initially had error 46
    • Automatic Climate Control (Limited) diagnostic test
    • Could not get an actuator test to run. I know that these instructions were for an older model
    • Cleared the error 46 => 00
    • With my driver air mix actuator removed, I get no DTCs on my Vgate iCar Pro or the diagnostic test
From this, I concluded:
  • Just need my AC lines evacuated and refilled properly to get colder AC
  • Mechanical problem with my driver's air mix door that will probably require tearing up the entire dash ... I was quoted 3600USD for the job
What do you guys think?
Why don't I get any DTCs?
Anything else before replacing that section around the driver air mix door?

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