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Not really a rebate, but ....

I ordered a RAV4 brochure a while ago by calling 1-800-GO-TOYOTA. When the brochure arrived, I also received a form that, once filled out, you mail back to Toyota for a $30 MasterCard gift card. In order to fill out the form, a dealer needs to authorize it -- stating that you've completed a test drive. I had mine "authorized" when I picked up my RAV, and just received the card a couple of days ago (about a 3-4 week delay).

I'm not sure if Toyota is still sending these out with the brochures, but it might be worth a shot. I know $30 isn't much, but it's the closest any of us are getting to a rebate. Besides, it gets you halfway to the mudguards or the bumper protector. :lol:
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