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Recently as Thursday my mechanic told me that my RAV4 had one very small metal particle inside my oil pan. I change my oil from 4K to 5K, religiously. I use 3 qts of 5W-30 ALWAYS. I also use Lucas Oil stabilizer. My brother, after asking me some questions. Do I miss shifts? , Do i regularly hit the 6K RPM limiter?, Do I over Rev the engine just for the fun of it? I told him NO.

He went on in saying, if it was a Honda, it's a problem. Depending how you use your Toyota, its not that bad. Especially in my case that my mechanic only found one particle. Looking at You Tube I found this clip exposing this situation. This, is bad. This engine looks like its eating up the rod bearings.

Many times I can listen to other RAV4 driving there cars with a very nasty sound coming from the engine. Like if the engine is being starve for oil. Something like this;

I guess, THIS is the result. Any opinion guys?
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