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Rav4 Hard Starting but always Turns HELP

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Hello. I’m having hard starting issues with my 2002 Toyota Rav 4. 4x4. Automatic. It always eventually turns on.

It used to always crank first thing in the morning then after that during the day takes 2 cranks to start. Now time has gone by it started to take 2 cranks in the morning to start. Now even more time has gone by it takes random amount of cranks to start. For example the other day took 6 cranks in the morning, then later that day 17 cranks, then later that day only 4. Then the next two mornings in a row it started straight away with a rough delayed crank. Then back to multiple cranks after that during the day.

But here’s the thing, everytime the gas tank is FILLED to the top the next day first crank of the day always starts straight away but then later that day back to normal. For some reason whenever it’s full it will start in the morning the next few days until the gas gets lower again.

Had the fuel pump change about Feb 2018.

It has a new battery. But I’m sure it’s something todo with fuel.

It has codes P0100 and P0110. And the catalytic converter code 420 & 430. Which I haven’t fixed because everyone’s telling me there’s no point since my car is so high mileage. (261k) But once it’s started it runs great. Little sluggish in the first 2 gears but then it’s driving normal. We also tested the MAF sensor and it’s good?... I’m looking for a definite answer to fix because I don’t want to fix all these codes (which are not cheap) and it still doesn’t crank and the cars old?.. so I’m at the bridge of looking for last answers to fix my car for now to last a few more months or go into debt to buy a new used car... I just need a couple more months to save.. not ready to let go of the rav 4... it’s my first car and I love it so much...

So if anyone knows how to fix the hard cranking would be very helpful so I can start getting to work again.

Thanks for reading.
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What's you definition of a crank or cranking? What noise does it make during one?
The sound of the car trying to turn over . It doesn’t turn straight away it makes a key turning cranking noise for like 2-3 seconds before it turn over and starts the car.
key turning cranking noise
What is that? Are you just getting a single click? No click? A bunch of clicks? Or do you mean the engine is turning over but not firing?

1. Check all battery cable and cable connections. Make sure they are clean and tight.
2. If you're just getting a single click or a bunch of clicks the starting solenoid might need to be replaced.
3. If a new starting solenoid doesn't seem necessary, pull the starter and take it into an auto store that can perform a test on the starter. You might need a new starter.
4. If your statement means the engine is turning over but not starting, you could have a fuel problem where the car isn't holding fuel pressure after being turned off. You can get a fuel pressure tester from an automotive store and check the pressure on the fuel rail and see if it is within specification and if it falls down after the pump is turned off.
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