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RAV4 hybrid limited only $700 more than gas only model

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Electrifying Development: Refreshed 2016 RAV4 Line Offers Toyota's Eighth Hybrid | Toyota

"Value Pricing
The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the 2016 RAV4 gas models will range from $24,350 for the LE 2WD to $32,910 for the AWD Limited.

The MSRP for the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid will be $28,370 for the AWD XLE and $33,610 for the AWD Limited."


20 hp increase, over 20% more efficient for $700?! That is flat out fantastic assuming they are similarly equipped.
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This comparo interests me the most:

2016 RAV4 Pricing

Gas Model Drive Transmission Grade MSRP
RAV4 AWD A/T XLE $27,670

Hybrid Model Drive Transmission Grade MSRP
RAV4 AWD CVT XLE $28,370

The hybrid has my interest, but I likely won't be an early adopter--but glad to see such a small price difference.

My 09 RAV 4-banger gets 25 mpg overall, if the the hybrid gets 33 mpg, that means about 100-gallons difference per year (considering 10k-miles per year). It's not the only factor, but the meager $700 differential probably pays off in only 3 years or so. And once the inevitable gas price gouge returns, will be even better to be in a hybrid.

Will wait and see how the CVT plays out and if any improvements were made to smooth the ride and reduce cabin noise at least a little bit.
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RAV4 Hybrid's 34/31/33 MPG ratings are a little disappointing to me -- was hoping for numbers closer to a magic 40. It's not dramatically better than what the Highlander Hybrid gets with V6 (28/27/27) or a gas-only RAV4 (24/31/26) but at least the "base" price stays under $30k, unlike the stratospheric Highlander Hybrid ($48k to start?? Seriously, Toyota??). Makes me wonder if the XLE trim levels are completely identical across gas and hybrid, saving differences in powertrain...
Well, overall 33 mpg in the hybrid vs the 25 mpg I'm getting now with my ICE-only powerplant without sacrificing power is pretty good. That's around 25% improvement in overall mpg for me.

Now... as you say, lets see how the trim lines play out as they affect price. My only wish is there was a true "base" version without: power lift gate, power seats, alloy wheels, dual climate control. Knock another $4K USD off the XLE hybrid sticker price and this Luddite would be thrilled, lol.

But meanwhile, in reality, I'm glad Toyota is keeping the up front cost for the hybrid this low. It's a story worth following, IMO, and will be interesting to see how sales for hybrid vs gas play out.
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