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Heehee...just had to snip out my FAVORITE parts of the article:

Bucking the trend, however, the Insurance Institute said the small-sized Toyota RAV4 SUV from Toyota Motor Corp. ranked among vehicles with the lowest average driver death rate.

Vehicles with the lowest overall rate of driver deaths were led by the large Mercedes E-Class luxury sedan from DaimlerChrysler, at 10 per million, according to the Insurance Institute. That was followed by the Toyota 4Runner midsize SUV, with an overall driver death rate of 12, the four-door midsize Passat from Volkswagen, with 16 deaths, Toyota's Lexus RX 300 midsize SUV, at 17, and RAV4 with 18.

Gotta love it!!!!!


Yeah, those Blazers are death traps. :roll: A buddy of mine flipped one. :shock: Anyway, good to see we are driving the right SUV! :mrgreen:
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