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Hi there,

I know my problem might've been described already but I haven't come across any related cases to mine. I'd be grateful for your support.

The problem is infamous "Please insert correct map disc" on my 2005 rav4 display. It's been so since I got the car from the previous owner but neither I nor they know what had caused it. There is an original map disc inside but my question is:

Is the map disc a must if I want to use radio/CD etc.? I don't need that damn NAV but to listen to CDs or radio.

So, what can I do to solve this issue? Is it any wires or some such or lenses or whatever to disassemble and assemble again? Or there is a kind of magic I could do by myself? I'm a stranger to fixing such devices.

It's just these: CD player and radio I do want to work properly. Should I give more info, let me know. Thanks in advance! :smile
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