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Hi everyone!
After a long time and many expensive mistakes I've figured out a very cheap, and available pretty much everywhere, lift kit. Costs about 260$. There isn't a single RAV4 in Poland with a OME lift, because it cost a fortune here, so we had to figure out this somehow.
So this is the part list:

Front shock: Toyota RAV4 I KYB 334482
Length: 600mm (545mm)
Front springs: Ford Mondeo II KYB RA1067
Length: 408mm (339mm)
Width: 170mm (179mm)
Thickness: 14mm (13,5mm)
Rear shock: Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute - KYB344356 [you'll need a longer bolt]
Min: 389
Max: 637 (595mm)
Rear spring: Opel Frontera B KYB RA5733
Length: 400mm (258mm)
Width: 129mm (131mm)
Thickness: 13mm (13,5mm)

OEM dimesions in brackets

I've also installed 20mm spacer at the front to level the car, machined by my friend. It was not a "dragster" before, but i wanted to do it anyway.
Expect stiffer ride, especially at the rear. It may work for the SWB models, but I don't guarantee.
I tried MR2 rear springs, but they're way too soft for a LWB.
Half of the RAV4.1s in Poland ride on this lift, and no breakdowns was reported so far.
Of course you can use cheaper parts, one of my mates used only cheap parts and paid about 160$.

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Thanks! I have 40mm spacers and OEM spec new front coils in the front. MR2s (and no spacer) in the back. The rear sits 1" higher than the front so need to even it out.

How much lift do the Mondeo springs give?
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