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Rav4 P0300 code. Counterfeit spark plugs.

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I had a P0300 code for random cylinders’ misfire for a couple weeks now. Today I went to check the spark plugs and all six plugs’ electrode had worn down badly. They were on the car for a little less than 40,000 miles. They are supposedly Denso Iridium in Toyota packaging from EBAY.
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This is why you should always buy spark plus from a reputable place. Amazon has a lot of fakes also. If you don't want to pay the extra at your local parts store then try Rockauto.

Get the good ones and you won't have to touch them again.

NGK Ruthenium HX Spark Plug have good reviews .
I used RA for many years. Last year I ordered Denso cabin air filter/rear wiper blade. You would not believe what they sent me ,could not even use the filter-wiper blade streaks. And since the hassle that they have for returns I had to eat it. Since the pandemic quality of parts, and I'm sure fakes are abundant. I now look for coupons and have to pay dealer prices for now.
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