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Well, the problem that DJ Sueno had was a slite detonation. That is the death of an engine. Two things come into mind. Not enough gas, and poor timing. The gas department is being take care with this pump and a Gas pressure regulator. Something like this one

Timing is going to be take care with a Greddy E-manage Computer. With an inside cabin monitor to keep everything safe and working at peck performance

Well, tankd0g, we just do things this way. If it doesn't work. Their are a lot of people who can buy it from me, believe me. If not, uncle SAM will say with all your hard earned money. Better me then him. :D

For you guys who know me for a long time. You know that this project I've had in mind for years. About four to be exact. I took about two years of saving up, researching parts and looking at other projects. Like I said once. It’s time to put up, or to shout up. This cat is putting up, because I know a lot of people were tired of me taking the take and not walking the walk. :arrow: I'm not walking, I'm RUNNING like Hell. I'm also looking at trying to lower it about an inch more. Too much air under the RAV4 is a little wobbly at speed. I think a front spoiler is a must. Besides, it will help the intercooler scoop up some air and cool it down a bit. I'm not talking about an inkydinky spoiler either.
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