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Post em here when you find em! We'll keep merging new ones to the big list, but the articles should still have their own discussion threads. 8)

:idea: (Good idea John!)

RAV4 Reviews (Alphabetical by Source)

The Age - RAV4 test turf a road too far (Oz Newspaper Article)
The Austin American-Statesman - RAV4 Review
Auto 123 - RAV4 Review - RAV4 Review - RAV4 First Drive - RAV4 Preview
AutoExpress - D-4D 140 XT4 (TurboDiesel) Preview
Automobile Magazine - (Pseudo) Review
AutoSite - 2006 RAV4 Review - 2006 RAV4 Review (article duplicated at NewCarTestDrive, InternetAutoGuide and many other web sites)
Bangkok Post - [RAV4:] X3 Challenger
Boston Globe - To boost sales, the RAV4 bulks up
Boston Herald - Toyota RAV4 isn’t just a ‘chick car’
Brampton Guardian- RAV4 Review
BusinessWeek - Toyota's Prince of Practicality
Canadian Driver - RAV4 First Drive
Car and Driver - RAV4 Review
Car and Driver - Road Test 1/4 mile for 4x4 - New RAV4 - more space, style and flexibility
The Car Connection - 2006 RAV4 Review
CarPoint Australia - RAV4 Review - RAV4 Review
CarsGuide - RAV4 makes a splash
Consumer Reports - First Look: 2006 Toyota RAV4
The Detroit News - 2006 RAV4 Review
Edmunds - RAV4 Review
Edmunds - 2006 RAV4 V6 Review (with Video)
Consumer Guide - RAV4 Review
Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Review (
Globe&Mail - Toyota gambles on bigger, pricier RAV4
The Hartford Courant - RAV4 Review
Kansas City Star - Review (@
LA Splash - 2007 Toyota RAV4 Review
LawCrossing - All grown up: Toyota's frisky new RAV4... - RAV4 Review
Mother Proof - 2006 RAV4 Limited
Mother Proof - 2007 RAV4 Review
Motor Trend - RAV4 Mini Test - Toyota's 'Tonka Toy' grows up
MotorWeek - RAV4 Test Download Link
MotorWeek - Names RAV4 Best Small SUV
Parents Magazine - Best Family Cars 2007
NHTSA - 2006 RAV4 Crash Test results now available...
Sacramento Bee - RAV4 Review (@
Summit Daily News - RAV4 Mini-Review
The Sun-Herald - Toyota wheels out a new line with RAV4 (Oz Article)
Sun Newspaper - RAV4 Review
TechnoFile - Reborn RAV Reaps Raves
USA Today - RAV4 Test Drive
Toronto Star - Wheels Preview
Ward's Auto World - Funky No Longer
Wheels Magazine - RAV4 Review - RAV4 First Drive - Long-Term Test "Servicing the RAV4" - Long-Term Test "Toyota RAV4 Farewell" - RAV4 Review

RAV4 Related Articles
Intellichoice names RAV4 "Best Overall Compact SUV"
Toyota's "Simple Slim" Cuts Cost of [RAV's] 3.5L
Details on Toyota's direct-injection 3.5L V6
Toyota Doing It Differently [background on RAV4 & Yaris]

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In the Feb. 2010 Car and Driver there is a comparison of 8 compact SUV's. The G M C Terrain, Honda CRV, Mercury Mariner, Mitsubishi Outlander, Subaru Forester, Suzuki Grand Vitara, V W Tiguan, and the RAV4. Guess who wins? And, by a large margin, too!

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A couple more Rav4 reviews from C&D

Car & Driver mag likes the 4.3 Rav4 alot. It won both these comparison tests. 2009 article is one mentioned by masterskrain previously.

Here are two links to text comparison articles:

2008 I4 AWD + other base trim competitors-

2009 V6 AWD Limited + other high-optioned competitors-

C&D 2007 Best 5 trucks/SUVs - Rav4 is best small SUV-

C&D 2008 Best5 Trucks&SUVs - Rav4 is best small SUV-

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