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Hey all.

First post here. Trying to do more mechanics on my own the last 5 years.

In the last two weeks, my 2004 Rav4 (4cyl) has been slow to start, seeming to jump to hesitate when I turn it over. However, it has this problem more often when the outside temperature is hot. It generally doesn't do it in cool temps. Also, usually after the engine has run for a while even in hot temps, the engine won't have difficulty turning over. I'm not talking about a huge jump or hesitation, just something that's a little noticeable.

Furthermore, it also demonstrates the following conditions:

When idling at a stop sign, it will drop to low RPM occasionally (maybe half the time), down to about 550 RPM. It will also shake a little when dropping to these low RPMs.

I replaced all the spark plugs last night, and it's still doing it. Is this an ignition coil problem?

Please advise.

Thanks :)

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