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not only that many things seem to be standard on the rav whereas an option or not available on the highlander...

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flyingn said:
looks interesting. wonder why the highlander weighs more and with same engine (but with the highlander less hp) the highlander has twice the towing capacity???
The Highlander 4-cylinder has a towing package available that includes:

* Larger radiator
* Transmission cooler
* 130A alternator
* Engine oil cooler
* Power steering cooler
* Upgraded fan coupling

So, while you may not tow any faster with the Highlander, you can do it without overheating, cooking your oil, burning up your transmission and burning up your power steering.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a nearly identical tow-prep package available for the new RAV for either the I4 or V6 engines?
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