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Hello to all!
I currently own a Pontiac Vibe (Matrix in disguise) and am planning on buying a Base V6 late summer/early fall. I love my Vibe but need a larger, AWD, vehicle to transport an up and coming ski racing daughter (six years old!) to the mountains several times a year. I heard about a new, larger, more powerful Rav4 from a salesperson. I was looking at a used SUV on his lot and he told me to wait, if I wasn't in a hurry, for the '06 Rav coming out during the winter. I'm glad I listened to him!
So far, I've already convinced my mom to buy one. She traded in her '04 Subaru Legacy wagon for a 4 cyl. Limited, and loves it. My step father was having difficulties getting into the subbie (too low) but now has no problems. She also loves the way it drives compared to the Legacy.
I can't wait to get mine, but must finish paying off the loan first (wife's orders). Planning on a Base V6 - silver or pacific blue. Site has been very informative and helpful, keep up the good work!
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