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This area is for PRIVATE PARTY sales only... no commercial sales PERIOD. Users that can not comply with these rules will be temporarily locked out of the forums. Any posts in violation of these rules are subject to immediate deletion without warning. The following guidelines will be STRICTLY enforced:


Item(s) do NOT have to be "RAV4" related. You can sell most anything, except for alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or anything illegal.

You MUST include a DETAILED description of your product, photos of the actual items, and asking price.

Please include a good subject on your ad so people will know what you are selling without having to open each ad.

Please include a fair price in your subject. Example: FS Wheels 18x7 Borbet Type Z $600.

No links to Ebay auctions, Craigslist, or any car sales site. If you want to sell your items there, do not post it here.

You must include one of these designations in your header:
FS = For Sale, WTB = Want To Buy, WTT = Want To Trade, FREE

Don't forget to provide a way to be contacted! PM is recommended for this. Also, location of items and if shipping is included or extra must be stated. If shipping is not available then "local pick up only" must be mentioned.

No "Get Rich Quick" Schemes. Do NOT post CHAIN, MLM, REFERRAL, etc. schemes. No "hidden" links to external sites. These types of messages will be deleted.

Please do not reply to a post unless you need more information.

If you think the price is too high or the product is not to your liking, please do not respond in the thread, send a PM to the seller.

If you see a post that violates any of the rules, please contact a Moderator so our RAV4World Staff can take care of it.

If your item is sold, please go back to your original post and edit the subject line and place [SOLD]. Then we will lock it.

All sales are at the seller's and buyer's own risk. RAV4World is not responsible for any transaction between buyer and seller.

It is recommended that you keep a record of all communications between buyer and seller until both are satisfied with the transaction.

RAV4World cannot settle disputes or act as a referee if there is a disagreement.

Thank you.
Junebug & RAV4World Staff
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