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This is my idea/design (beta) for the rear 12v 120w cigarette putlet. Design was created by my friend and 3dprinted. Gauge of the wires are 16awg ~ and protected by a 20amp fuse. The inversor I used is 100w max output (on AC max output is 1amp and on DC max amp output is 3.1amps) which is way under the safety max load permitted by wires/fuse. Installation is very simple and you only need a crimping pliers that has insulated side to avoid punture of the insulations of the terminal. If someone is interested I would have them for sell at 70$ shipped US only. This includes the 3dprint, the inversor and the terminal plus instructions. A final version will be ready this week. (Minor adjustments in measurements, better fitmen and quality, nylon or petg instead of pla printing etc)

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