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New to this forum - looks like the place to be for help with Rav4 issues.

The Rav4 is also relatively new to me, got it this fall. It is a 2004 Rav4 with auto tranny and 4wd. It has about 265k miles of Minnesota salt.

I took it to the dealer this morning to get the recall work done on the airbag and they informed me I have a bad right rear wheel bearing. They quoted it at $584.

I'm a fairly competent shade-tree mechanic and am comfortable trying to fix this issue, but I had a few questions hopefully that this forum can help answer.

From searching old posts, it appears that on the 4wd models you need to remove the rear half shaft (driveshaft..) in order to remove the hub assembly. Any trick to this?

After that it looks like a matter of unbolting some possibly stubborn bolts, pulling off the old hub assembly and putting on the new hub assembly.

The town I live in doesn't have much in the way of stores, so I plan on purchasing any tools I'd need this weekend while I am in a much larger city. So far, it looks like I'll need a 30mm 12pt deep well socket for the axle nut and a 14mm 12pt deep well socket for the hub bolts. I also think I'll buy a hub puller from Harbor Freight just in case. Any other 'uncommon' tools I might need? As far as the hub assembly, looks like Rockauto has a few options, I'll probably go with one of the cheaper ones since the vehicle might have some greater issues (losing some oil...)

Since there doesn't seem to be a great write-up on this process of replacing a rear hub assembly on a 4wd Rav4 on the internet I will make sure to photo document the process and provide that to the forum. Hopefully help the next person who tackles this challenge.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
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