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Bought a used 2001 Toyota RAV4 over a year ago. Needing to make some fixes to make it look nicer. I have to replace the grille and hood release cable because mechanic shop broke the hood release cable, and made a hole in the grille to access it. Yes, I should have complained but I ran ove a dog and the dog busted my radiator, which by the way has led me now down the path of taking home study course in auto mechanics to be my own mechanic, because of being taken at the mechanic shop and being a man I feel insecure not knowing how to fix my own vehicle. I am single so I would feel less of a man if I was married and not able to fix the car for the wife. For whatever that is worth.
I am also needing rear bumper reflector.
I would like to know where are i can order these parts on line at a salvage yard, rather than going through eBay.
Any help would be appreciated.
Criticisms will be taken with a grain of salt. :laugh
P.S. I am just now covering Engine system in my auto mechanics course and already I know what some of the causes are that's my RAV4 is having.
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