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The right rear coil was broken.The job was tough.:frown Installing the new spring was the hard part. I finally had to remove the upper suspension arm where it attach to the brake . The spring went it but it was tight and I had to use a small pry bar jockeying to get the bottom spring end into the notch. It was hard to re- attach the arm but I finally did it.:surprise
I had spring compressors but it didn't look like they was enough clearance to use them.:frown

I got Moog #81141 for $43 a pair on plus about $8.00 shipping. The shocks were replaced by me in 2012 and the end links in 2014.

I'm not gonna do the left side unless it breaks. >:D It took me 2 1/2 to 3 hours for the right side.

I used the following youtube vid. The gent had better luck but he also had drum brakes to stand on, mine has disc.

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