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I know this is an old thread, but like me there is always somebody new doing the rear axle, and transfer case drain/refill. So here's my take as of 9/11/2019: I went with the Toyota recommended 80-90 conventional gear oil. I used Valvoline 1qt. container, and an Atwood gear oil pump from Walmart. which worked perfectly, and only cost $4.87. The only issue with it is the pick-up tube does not reach all the way to the bottom of the gear oil bottle. I fixed that issue by getting a piece of vinyl tubing that fits the outside of the pump where the supplied pick-up tube goes. This allowed me to reach all the way to the bottom of the bottle. This little pump even has a cap that screws onto the output end fitting which helps keep oil from leaking out of the tubing when you done pumping.

I didn't have any problem removing any of the 4 plugs. I used a 3/8" drive 10mm hex socket on a 3/8" ratchet with a 2ft cheater pipe over the ratchet handle to break the plugs free. I was able to use the socket on the 3/8"ratchet on the one plug that is has a tight clearance where others needed to use a cut off hex wrench. Even my 3/8" torque wrench fit the tight spot. I bought new crush washers for all the plugs from a Toyota dealer. I highly recommend replacing the crush washers with new ones even though you may be able to reuse the old ones. They were $1.64ea. Cheap insurance IMO. Part # 12157-10010. All 4 plugs use the same crush washer.

In conclusion: This job turned out to be easier than I originally thought. I was lucky enough to have the use of a friends vehicle hoist which makes this job much easier than using jack stands and "flatbacking" the wrenching. I was able to do both fills with one qt. of oil although I bought two in case I spilled some which is probably a good idea as you never know. If you don't have a 3/8" dr. 10 mm hex socket, Home Depot has a cheap one.

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One thing that is very important is not to over fill. You must check the fluid level on a level surface and not when the vehicle is on jack stands or ramps. Over filling will cause the seal to leak.
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