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2001 RAV4 base model, 4WD, 2.0L.

From the pics below you can see there's a leak in the rear differential. It must be a very small leak because there's no oil stain on the ground where I park all the time.



My mechanic's appointment is more than a week away so I thought I'd order any parts that might be needed (I live in a small town and parts may not be in stock in the local NAPA/AutoZone -- or so I think).

It looks like the differential shell would need to be taken apart, re-sealed, and put back. I thought maybe there's a gasket, and that's worn out.

This diagram for this model from Toyota doesn't seem to show a gasket.

A couple of differential leak repair videos (for RAV4's, but not for my model) I watched on YouTube didn't seem to show a gasket. It seemed they used some kind of adhesive type sealant but not a gasket, when putting the differential shell back together.

But this Amazon Garage listing claims to be a gasket for my model's rear differential. (One thing slightly suspect seems to be that this gasket has 10 bolt holes. But by looking at my differential, and videos of differentials for RAV4's being fixed on YouTube, it seems the differential shell has 8 bolt holes).

So, it's not clear to me whether the rear differential for my model uses a gasket or not.

Do you know if the differential shell for my model uses a gasket? Is it worth advance ordering the gasket from Amazon Garage before my mechanic's appointment?
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