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I have a 2007 rav4 4WD, the person I got it from removed the drive shaft because it was vibrating and could not afford to replace it (long story). He drove it a few months without it and the only problem was the 4WD light came on. I bought it knowing this and found a good used one for $125 and plan to install it soon. Unfortunately he threw the mounting hardware away. I did some research and discovered that there are different thickness of "spacer" washers ranging from 2mm to 11mm thick that go between the carrier bearing and body.
So my questions are:
1) What size are the nuts and washers for the front and rear flanges? (I could crawl under and measure them if necessary).
2) What size are bolts for the carrier bearing to body? (again I could measure them)
3) How do I determine what thickness of spacer do I use between the carrier bearing and body?
I appreciate any feed back!!

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Have you downloaded the service manuals yet:

These service manuals are ready for downloading at the link listed below:

2001-2005 RAV4 Manuals

2006 RAV4 Factory Service Repair Manual
2006 RAV4 Owner's Manual
2007 RAV4 Wiring Diagram Manual
2008 RAV4 Wiring Diagram Manual
2011 RAV4 Wiring Diagram Manual
RAV4.3 Miscellaneous Documents
2011 RAV4 Repair Manual (supplemental)

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