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Rear Motor Mount Replacement

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Hello all,

I'm trying to replace the rear motor mount in my 2003 RAV4 (AWD). I was able to get the car on ramps, raise the motor (very carefully) and get all of the bolts/nuts fastening the motor mount to the subframe off. I was also able to pry out the bolt holding the motor mount to the motor itself.

I've run into a bit of a tricky situation, as there is not enough clearance to push the motor mount out of place and put in the new one. I tried dropping the subframe, but the problem is that the bolts holding the subframe in place won't budge. I've tried a breaker bar and a high torque impactor, but they haven't moved even a small amount. Is there an easier way of getting this thing out, or am I just going about this in the completely wrong way?

Thank you in advance!
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I was able to pry out the old mount with a breaker bar and some elbow grease. I definitely did a number on the old mount. The bolt became slightly dislodged from the mount itself, and the bolt was bent 15 degrees when I was finished with it. The problem is that the new mount won't go in unless I find a similar way to bend the bolt, which isn't preferred. Rather, I'll be going the nuclear route and cutting off most of the front bolt such that the mount can swing in under the axle (hopefully). I'm in high hopes that I may be able to get this thing in without having to drop the subframe to finish the job.
Alright. I fought the car and I finally won!!!! I was on ramps, and had to lift the rear of the vehicle in tandem so that the transmission wasn't getting pushed back and down by gravity.

Then I used my jack and lifted the axle shaft until the mount holes lined up. The tricky part here was getting the bolt that holds the mount to the transmission through all of the holes. This took about an hour of lifting the axle up and down until I could shimmy the bolt through.

It should be noted that I also loosened the support bar that runs from the front of the frame, front motor mount, and through to the subframe. This allowed me to use the support bar as leverage as I was wiggling the mount to get the bolt to line up.

The cutting of the bolts mounted to the motor mount was also a tremendous help. I wouldn't suggest it, as it's the least proper way to get the job done, but it works.
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